City budget rising from year to year

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By Jesse O’Brien
Williamston Post staff writer

The general fund for the city of Williamston has steadily increased each year since 2000, and likely will continue to do so, City Manager Tim Allard said.

Since 2001, the general fund balance has increased by about 750 percent, from approximately $200,000 to $1.7 million. Last year alone, the general funds increased by about 23.2 percent.

In 2011, $318,675 was used from the local street fund to repair 7.07 miles worth of roads in the community which have been classified as local roads. That fund is mostly supported by revenue from the state, but after that revenue has been used, money is taken from the general fund.

View Williamston’s 2011-2012 budget in PDF format here.

Recently, the city council voted to allocate $50,000 from the general fund to support a $103,968 plan to repair Wallace Street and Southfield Drive. In Michigan, roads often require additional repairs due to the inconsistency of the weather, and it is likely that the city will have to continue spending money on road construction.

In the same meeting, It was revealed that the general fund had a larger balance than anticipated, that allowed for the city council to vote and spend money on other projects.

The council also voted to purchase grounds keeping equipment, which totaled $12,582. At that meeting, several citizens attending informally voiced disapproval, including Derek Drushel, a local resident.

“That’s exactly what you are doing!” he exclaimed when Allard said the council should not spend the extra money just because it is there.

Financial information for the city of Williamston can be found on its website.

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