Holt firefighters educate kids about safety

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By Marty Deskovich
Holt Journal staff writer

Holt firehouse station 21 had an open house, Thursday, October 13 and showcased their equipment much to the delight of the neighborhood children.

“What brought me here today was my two girls, the firemen came to their school Midway Elementary and they were excited to go, Christie Surato, a 5-year Holt resident, said.

Two fire engines and a fire truck were on display in front of the station. The major difference between the two is the fire truck has an extension ladder on top and the fire engine do not.

“This is just an awesome chance to show everything that we have,” firefighter Jeremy Landfair said. “It also gives us a chance to show off a little bit,” continues the five-year firefighter with three of those years in Holt.

The children and adults too, got to go inside the vehicles, as well as hold and spray the fire hose. The children also got a visit from Sparty and Fire Pup.

The children got popcorn, fire hats, and they got to see the uniforms the firefighters wear when going into a building.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate what a firefighter does,” Matthew Price said. The 4-year firefighter added, “This is all about public education and awareness regarding fire education.”

For the older kids between the ages of 14-21, Holt is starting a new program for people in those age groups that want to become a firefighter. It is called the Explorer program.

“It gives you chance to experience the career before you get into it,” Brad Reedy said. “It is not a commitment to become a firefighter but the people that graduate go to the Fire Academy,” the 10-year fighter with 5-years in Holt said.

“The group gets their own station with their own gear and a $1,000 budget,” Reedy said.

“It’s an adrenaline rush. It’s a lot of fun but a lot of work also, but it is another tight nit family that you belong to when you become a firefighter,” Landfair said.

One thought on “Holt firefighters educate kids about safety

  1. Loved the photos, especially the one with the little boy and firefighter with the hose.
    It certainly looked like an interesting event for everyone involved, with a lot of description on what was going on.
    Some of the pictures did seem a bit repetitive though, like the logos for the fire department and the truck itself and I noticed there were a few punctuation errors but other than that it was a pleasant story to read and see.