Elementary schools promote safety to students

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By Andrew Marlan
Mason Times staff writer

Some pumpkins at the Mason Farmers Market on Maple Street.

Halloween is on Monday, Oct. 31, this year, a school night. School administrators are taking educating students and parents with ways they can have an enjoyable, safe Halloween in Mason.
“All Alaiedon classrooms host a party for their students and families during the day,” said Lisa Francisco, the principal at Alaiedon Elementary. “We also have a school parade.”
Mason’s Alaiedon and Steele elementary schools made sure that the teachers gave students a few safety tips for Halloween. Francisco said that fire prevention week is also around Halloween, making a point to teach students the importance of safety.“
Every parent should make sure they have a planned route, and as crazy as it sounds, they should go online and check for sex offenders,” said Kathy Dean, the principal at Steele Elementary. “You don’t want your children knocking on the wrong doors.”

Popular Mason neighborhoods to trick-or-treat, according to Francisco, are Coventry Woods, Raynor Ponds and Riverwalk.

“I would encourage parents to walk their children door to door,” said Francisco, “I think being in sight of the person at the front door would be a good idea, as well. People should go over proper etiquette with their children beforehand. (They should) instruct their children how to say ‘trick-or-treat’ and ‘thank you’ at the end.”

Francisco said that since it will be dark out, it is important to make sure that there is at least one parent chaperoning the child at all times. The sunset is expected towards the beginning of trick-or-treating at 6:32 p.m. The weather is forecast to be party cloudy with the temperatures in the upper 30s.

She believes that children up to their middle school years should be accompanied by an adult and that it is critical to cross the street at corners and not in the middle of the road. She advises that parents check the candy themselves before allowing children to eat it.

“Parents can keep their children safe and happy by telling their children ahead of time what to expect, so parents can avoid meltdowns,” said Francisco. “For example, letting their children know the times they will be out, or saying, ‘OK, five more houses and we’re done.’”

The Mason elementary school principals say that Mason is small and populated enough that Halloween should be safe and fun, but it is always important to go over safety pointers to ensure a successful Halloween.

“We let the students know that eating too much candy is unhealthy and they should make sure to eat a full dinner before trick-or-treating,” said Kathy Dean, principal at Steele Elementary. “We try to prepare both students and parents for a safe night of fun.”

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