Angry Birds: City Council Meeting

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By Omar Powell                                                                                                                           Grand Ledge Gazette Writer

Sept. 26 the elected officials of the Grand Ledge City Council conducted their bi-weekly meeting. Covering topics on their agenda and in addition, allowing audience participation.

After the room-wide reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Kalmin Smith called the meeting into order. Thereafter, the Council allowed for audience interaction. Each presenter was given five minutes to state their case or claims directly to the Council.

As members of the audience gave their statements to the Council, one dominated the meeting time, that of the definition of livestock and the zoning ordinance of the city. The issue of chickens in the city was valiantly argued by homeowners of the area, especially with the knowledge that horses are also in the city.

“In effect, the Oakwood property was a horse farm before the Grand Ledge had a zoning ordinance and was exempted at the time the ordinance was adopted,” said Mayor Smith in his online newsletter.

The matter of was left unresolved at the conclusion of the meeting.

Following the audience participation portion of the meeting, the Council approved permits for the Homecoming Parade, the Cruisin’ for a Cure 5K, a vintage car show, and the 2011 Color Cruise and Island Festival.

The Council then entertained committee/board reports and staff reports, reports from various departments. Including a report from City Assessor, Brian Thelen, who spoke on the City’s property value.

The Council unanimously approved a Canine Unit and Training. In addition to DDA (Downtown Development Authority) staff to be placed at the 214 Madison St. property.


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