Annual Heritage Festival Celebrates the Arrival of Fall

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Little girl tries to pet the shy llama

By Dave Cobb

Meridian welcomed in the fall with the annual Heritage Festival at Historic Village in Okemos on Saturday.

The Heritage Festival gave patrons an interactive look into the past and had many activities that people of all ages could enjoy, such as pony rides, archery lesson, and live music.

“It’s where country meets city,” said Meridian citizen Linda Baker, who stumbled upon the Heritage Festival when she was at the farmers market.

“I was amazed by what’s inside,” she said, “I’m glad to see that Meridian keeps enhancing.”

Heritage Festival is a way to showcase Historic Village.

“Historic Village is the best kept secret in Meridian,” said Joyce Bartels, who was giving information about Randall Schoolhouse, a one-room school house brought over from Fowlerville in 1974.

Randall School House was just one of the buildings offering an interesting history lesson.

In the chapel was a Civil War presentation ran by Carlene Webster-Maier.  She shared the amazing story of her great-grandfather, Hubert F. Miller, who fought in the Civil War.  His story is shared through a series of letters he wrote back to a love back home, Lucia Olds.  Miller fought in the Battle of the Crater and was taken prisoner for seven months.

There were many activities and booths for children and families to enjoy at the festival.

The children enjoyed trying to toss cobs of corn into holes on a board, or trying to out hoola their friends at the hoola-hoop booth.  Animals were on display for children to pet as well.

It was also a chance for artists and craftsmen to display their work and make some money selling the fruits of their labor.

“It’s a celebration of the fall coming,” said Al Hafner, a representative of the Friends of Historic Meridian.

The Heritage festival was sponsered by the Meridian Township Parks & Recreation Department, Friends of Historic Meridian and the Nokomis

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