Storm Damages to Cost City

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 Damages from a thunderstorm last week could cost the city thousands to repair.  City Administrator Martin Colburn briefly discussed how the city will assess the damage and also repair it.

The two streets with the most damage were on the 100-block of East Sycamore Street and the 200-block of West Elm Street.  Other damages from the seven inches of rain that flooded the city include broken storm drains and a damaged sewage pump.

 Colburn says the city’s budget does not specifically have funds for this kind of damage, which he described as “unusual”. 

            “We’d actually have to make a change in the budget,” Colburn said.

However, the council will be seeking a contractor that can use a sonar machine to identify what’s broken underground.

The city has only a few options regarding how to pay for repairs that include using money reserves or declaring this an emergency in order to get reimbursed by the federal government.

Although it is too soon to get an estimate on how much the repairs will cost, Colburn said they can expect to pay at least $20,000 to fix the sewage pump.

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