New holiday on the East Lansing calendar

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By Daniele Owens
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

East Lansing City Council passed a proclamation recognizing that July 17 is National Cancer Survivor Day honoring the survivors and fighters of cancer.

East Lansing City Clerk Nicole Evans said that city officials passed the proclamation because they wanted to  show support for making people aware and educate them about cancer.

“East Lansing is a close-knit community and we support our residents and each other,” said Evans.

Sharolyn Gonzalez, the outreach manager of Sparrow Hospital Cancer Center, and a uterus and breast cancer survivor, said that she is happy that East Lansing is participating in the joyous celebration.

“There have been great strides made,” she said. “12 million people are surviving with cancer and 60 percent of cancers go into remission for many years.”

She added that Sparrow Hospital Cancer Center has the state of the art equipment, skilled physicians, and staff that work toward finding cures and the best treatments. She said that this has helped with the cause to one day cure cancer.

“Nation Cancer Survivor Day is a treasure. It marks another year of life and commemorates the people that support doctors and researchers,” said Paula Chadell.

National Cancer Survivor Day was an idea that came from Richard Bloch, one of the cofounders of H&R Block. He was first diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 52 and was given 3 months to live. Bloch sought treatment and After two years of aggressive therapy, he was in remission. He found a treatment that prolonged his life and died at the age of 87.

Chadell said that it is very exciting that the city of East Lansing is joining and celebrating this occasion.

“This has been growing from a few to 100s of communities in the United States and across the world. This gives acknowledgement to the people involved when cancer strikes.”

She said that she hopes that other communities around the world get involved and celebrate life.



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