New Flood Map to Help Residents Get Insured

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Mason City Council recently discussed an update to an ordinance that will make flood insurance available and more affordable for some Mason residents and businesses.

The ordinance will adopt a new Flood Map, which shows areas in Mason that are prone to flood based on floods in the past 50-100 years.  The map is paid for by homeland security and is regulated by the zoning administrator, who makes sure property is flood-proofed properly.

The Council’s attorney, Dennis McGinty, says people who live in the Flood Map area must follow certain regulations in order to qualify for flood insurance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

“Most mortgage companies require flood insurance if you’re building in a floodplain, so this assists people in getting mortgages as well,” McGinty said.

To qualify for flood insurance, residents must live within the region of the Flood Map and follow flood regulations, which include having utilities protected and having a home raised at a certain level.

The insurance is subsidized by the government and is more affordable, although McGinty said he did not know the price range.

To find out which areas are covered by the program, visit the Zoning Administrator’s office in City Hall.


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