Mason’s Complete Streets and Walkability

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The possibility of bike lanes and increased walkability was discussed during the Mason Planning Commission Meeting, held on July 12.Mason, MI

“The goal [is to] make the community more a possibility…linking neighborhoods to downtown and other areas.   All streets would have sidewalks, crosswalks, and areas that are pedestrian friendly,” explained David Haywood, Zoning and Development Director.

Currently, according to, Mason’s City Hall has a walkability of 71 out of 100.  This means the average person could complete most of their basic needs without the use of a car within one day, starting from City Hall.

Community members have voiced their concern over the expense of adding bike lanes, however according to Haywood, the possible benefits outweigh these monetary concerns.

Statistics show that the addition of bike lanes are a much safer option than having the cyclists ride on the sidewalks with the pedestrians.  Also, the addition of bike lanes will create obstacles that could result in the lowering of average car speeds, explained Haywood.

Board members are planning to find appropriate places for these improvements that would be in conjunction with the current Master Plan’s goals and objectives.  The majority of Mason’s streets are already up to code, explained Haywood, “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, not all streets have to be re-done.”

The next Planning Commission Meeting will be taking place Aug. 9, where further discussions of Mason’s Complete Streets and Walkability will be discussed.


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