Ignite Lansing 4.0: inspirational speakers, beer and food

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By Lindsay Hedgecock
Lansing Star staff reporter

Amanda Augustine discusses how to define yourself in her speech, “The Art of Self-Branding”

More than 600 people attended Ignite Lansing 4.0, held on Friday. The event took place in a hangar at the Lansing Capital Region International Airport.

The first Ignite, started by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis, took place in Seattle in 2006 and has become an international event.

“We went from two or three Ignites a month to over 20 Ignites a month worldwide,” said Mary Rotman, PR at O’Reilly Media.

Thirteen presenters spoke on stage with topics including Mitten Mavens Skating for a Better Community, 52 Cups of Coffee, The Lost Art of Mac and Cheese and Check out DIS Ability.

There are two parts to Ignite: the contest, where people create their presentations, and the speeches. Presenters have five minutes and 20 slides to make their point.


Alyssa "Malice Alice," Kessler, 22, of East Lansing, gives her speech, "Mitten Mavens Skating for a Better Community.” Also pictured are Natisha "TNTish" Jorae, 30, of Lansing (left) and Amy "Helen Killer" Heinrich, 33, of Stockbridge (right).

“It feels good to be up there,” said Khalid Ibraham, who spoke about his transition into American culture in his presentation, From Daily Chai to Apple Pies: The Immigrant Experience. “I was beyond nervous; I was practicing this all day and it went really well.”

Global Ignite Week, held Feb. 7-11, was in 65 cities all over the world hosting Ignite events similar to the Lansing event, Rotman said.

Sponsors of Ignite Lansing 4.0 included CATA, Entertainment Express, Michigan State University Alumni Association, LCC TV and many more. Michigan Brewing Company, or MBC, which also sponsored the event, held an after party located at 402 S. Washington Square, Lansing.

“This is an awesome event to be involved in,” said Rotman. “It’s evolved a lot along the way. We all have a lot of fun with it. It’s a great way for people to express what they’re passionate about.”


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