DeWitt Trustees meet to discuss library improvement

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By Michael Pendy
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

On Feb. 14, the DeWitt Charter Township Board of Trustees met to address multiple things. But most important on the agenda, was the discussion of improvement for the DeWitt District Library.

The DeWitt Charter Township Board of Trustees met at 1401 W. Herbison Road on Feb. 14th

The DeWitt District Library serves the entire DeWitt community and has classes and events for people of all ages. Diane Mosier, DeWitt Township’s clerk, also serves on the DeWitt District Library Board as a trustee.

Mosier said, “Hundreds of kids go in that library, and it’s good for them,” she said. She added, “The goal is to, at some point, have a significant library that meets the needs of our community.”

The library needs a lot of improvement on the interior, as well as the exterior. The library needs a new roof but the library is challenged to operate on only 1/2 mill. With further projected cuts by the state, the Township’s budget is a challenging thing to consider.

“Money could solve lots of our problems, of course, with enough of it,” Mosier said.

Township Supervisor Rick Galardi also recognized the importance of an improved library.

“The ‘new’ library is way more progressive and we need to catch up on that by incorporating new things into it,” Galardi said.

Mosier agreed about the expanding technology and said, “Because of the Internet, there is less demand for books.” She added, “We need to purchase new technology, new computers are necessary.”

The improvement of the library has been a recurring issue for the board, and is one of the many parts of its 2008-2013 Strategic Plan. All members of the board seemed to agree that it’s a concern that can’t continue to be ignored, especially Treasurer Phyllis Daggy.

“We can’t overlook this issue any longer.  We must see what we can do financially, and make something happen,” she said.

The board will meet again on March 14 with suggestions and plans for the improvement of the library and hope to come up with a strategy.

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