Williamston prepares for Republican presidential primary

By Mallory Estepp
Williamston Post staff writer

WILLIAMSTON — Local voting in the Feb. 28 U.S. Republican presidential primary will be at the Williamston Community Center, said City Clerk Holly Thompson.

The Republican ballot has 11 candidates, along with an uncommitted slot. Out of the listed candidates, five of them, including Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann, have already dropped out of the race.

The Democratic ballot only has only only two options: Barack Obama and uncommitted.

According to the Ingham County website, Williamston, along with the rest of Ingham County, traditionally votes Democratic in elections. In the 2008 presidential election, 66 percent of voters in Ingham County voted for President Obama. Only 33 percent voted for John McCain.

With Williamston’s Democratic tendencies, it will be interesting to see which Republican will win the city.
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