Economy, housing issues add to homeless problem in Lansing and statewide

By Jaylyn Galloway
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Lansing contributes to the high number of homeless people in the state. There are currently 4,000 homeless residents in the city, according to Angie Mayeaux, Executive Director of the Haven House. Those people are among a total of 97,642 homeless residents in the state of Michigan in 2014, according to the Michigan Coalition Against Homeless 2014 Annual Report. “We have about 150 go into our shelter here in Lansing,” Mayeaux said. People become homeless for many different reasons, number one being the economy, James Wright, a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Central Florida, said.

Some Lansing Community College students are borrowing their way through school

By Haywood Liggett
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter

Some students at Lansing Community College are relying solely on student loans to pay for their tuition. Shane Harris, who attended Lansing Community College for three years from 2011-2014, used student loans to pay for all of his classes. He acquired $6,000 worth of debt during his tenure. If Harris had only taken out the exact loans that were needed to pay for all his classes, he would only be around $5,000 in the hole. “Instead of taking that small refund each semester from excess loans and paying it back immediately, I would put it towards things like clothes and shoes,” Harris said.