The slow decay of FM radio and how to save it

DETROIT — Every day, people listen to radios in their cars. Whether it is satellite, FM or AM, radio station try to find content to make car rides more enjoyable. However, FM radios are currently facing a crisis that, as it has already happened in Norway, might bring them to extinction. The graph shows how Detroit biggest FM radio station has been losing market share in Detroit. The graph also represents one of the biggest AM radio stations in the area and how its control of the market has remained unchanged.

How social media almost kept me from voting

Social media can be a great way to connect with family and friends, but all of the conflict found there during this election cycle almost made me afraid to speak — or vote.

Nearly 90% of Spartans polled say they will vote

A Spartan Newsroom survey shows that students plan to vote and that their decisions have been influenced by social media.