Las Vegas shooting continues debate of safety and security

Amidst the recent tragedies that have cost the lives of several Americans in 2017, safety is at the forefront of all schools, child care centers and businesses. Most recently, Stephen Paddock, 64, gunned down innocent concertgoers on the Las Vegas strip, killing 68 and injuring hundreds more. This disaster further surfaces issues of safety, gun control and mental health. “We always have to have safety as the number one concern,” DeWitt Public Schools superintendent John Deiter said. “We’ve tried to do our best to secure our buildings, and we’re in the process of a bond project to add further security to our buildings.

Over 90 years since explosion, ‘Bath School Disaster’ still affecting community

Andrew Kehoe was upset about tax increases, potential foreclosure on his farm and a recent defeat for township clerk. This would be May 18, 1927. The day that changed Bath Township forever. Kehoe killed his wife, blew up his farm and detonated explosives at the Bath Consolidated School before claiming his own life in a separate explosion in the school’s parking lot. That day, 44 innocent lives were lost, mostly children.