Social media rumors of rigged election worry new voters

“Rigged or rumored?” is the question that people all over the United States are asking. Recently, there have been social media charges about a rigged voting machine. It started as a simple status on Facebook and then circulated throughout the web, migrating to Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

Here are two posts with the rumor. “I’ll definitely be more cautious about what I’m doing because who’s going to want Trump to win?” said Ayleen Perez, an East Lansing community member. Perez said that because she is Mexican American she has to use caution when voting because she does not want someone in office who is “against her race.”

Like Perez, Michigan State University student Sela McCarver said that she will be more cautious, but she feels that this voting machine rumor may simply be a way of making Trump seem fraudulent.