Multilingualism has its advantages

In this video multilingualism is being discussed regarding how it can offer a person more job opportunities. Employers see this as a benefit simply because the way we view the world around us is influenced by the structure of our language. This is also a great characteristic to have to expand your communication and not being limited to just one language.
Multilingual can also have multiple personalities. It has to do with different languages being harder to grasp and understand than others. The way a certain language is spoken may come off as blunt or aggressive. Sometimes this could be confusing when trying to express oneself especially if that person’s language didn’t express their emotions.

Multilingualism can take you places

In this video people have discussed different perks of multilingual and different advantages offered in the work force. The people that I have interviewed explained how speaking more than one language can enhance your life in terms of traveling and in terms of pay. When it comes to traveling multilingualism offers the advantage of being more social which can help in terms of networking and just getting around a different country. Multilingualism can also help increase a person’s salary at a job or even offer them a more superior position. This is also a good look on a person’s resume and increases their chances of getting hired for a job.

Society grappling with Alzheimers disease

In this video Amanda McClain will be discussing information about Alzheimer disease. There are numerous ways to develop this disease as well as many ways to treat it. The disease starts off with people not being able to remember things that recently took place and names of familiar objects. As time goes on symptoms will eventually intervene with ones capability to take care of oneself. Speaking more than one language is something that can prevent a person from developing Alzheimer as quickly as someone who only speaks one language. There are plenty of activities recommended to help with this issue such as cooking, playing video games and even solving a puzzle.