Brewery wants to make impact in downtown DeWitt

Looking Glass Brewing Company is looking to be the next big thing in downtown DeWitt. Co-owners Joel Dillingham and Lee Streeter, who are big fans of the craft beer industry, expects the brewery to open in December of this year. Looking Glass Brewing is taking over the historic Mount Hope Church that has been vacant for several years. Along with being the co-owner, Streeter is also the head brewer for the company. 

Dillingham and Streeter came up with the name of their brewery by looking at his surroundings in DeWitt. “At first, my employees and I liked the name of the river going through DeWitt Looking Glass River but after we walked through the vacant church with the incredible stained glass it confirmed the name of our brewery,” said Dillingham.

It’s a Brewtiful day in the city of DeWitt

It’s 8 a.m. You’re grumpy and want a cup of coffee. Well, you’re in luck. In downtown Dewitt, Justin Hartig opened a gourmet coffee shop and it’s just for you. The Crafted Bean Coffee Co. is the new go-to coffee shop in the area.