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Michigan State tournament streak gives Lansing sports fans something to root for

If you blinked, you just might have missed it. But the Michigan State Spartans led by head coach Tom Izzo ended their 2017 NCAA Tournament run after playing but two games. With a victory over Miami in the round of 64 and a loss to Kansas in the round of 32, it is not difficult to guess what East Lansing citizens were watching Friday and Sunday nights. But does the same loyalty to Spartan basketball exist next door in Lansing? Most people in Lansing are not directly connected to MSU other than the fact that they are only separated by a few miles.

Image from Fenner Nature center. Photo taken by Andy Chmura

Urbanization could actually help improve Lansing’s natural environment

Spring is coming. It may not feel like it today, it may not feel like it tomorrow and it may not even feel like it in the middle of May. Nevertheless, it is coming. Soon, the smell of freshly-cut grass on a neighbor’s lawn or the fragrance of a beautiful young wildflower will remind us something we often forget in the winter. There is nature around us and it is worth protecting.

Landscape view of the Michigan State Capitol in downtown Lansing.

Historic Michigan State Capitol building delights guests, one tour at a time

It would not take a Michigander to point out the Michigan State Capitol building in downtown Lansing. Perhaps this is because its architect, Elijah Myers, designed it so closely with the U.S. Capitol. Both are centered with a white dome, sandwiched by a right and left wing. Is this a coincidence? Matt Van Acker, the Capitol Tour and Information Service Director, thinks not.

Image of Spartan Stadium in East Lansing. Photo taken by Andy Chmura

Lansing falls behind rest of the nation in higher education

You know how the saying goes. A high school diploma is useless in today’s society. More and more quality jobs are requiring bachelor’s degrees. Unfortunately, this does not sit well in the city of Lansing. According to Census data, Lansing’s high school graduation rate is consistent with the rest of the nation.


Lansing small businesses look to target MSU students

Small businesses have been a major economic drive in Lansing for decades, but Michigan State University provides them a unique opportunity. Some business owners believe that the presence of MSU and its students can provide an economic boom to their enterprises. “It depends on the type of market that company is looking to going into,” said Jessica Bunce, the Program Director for the Master of Science in Marketing Research Program within the Eli Broad College of Business at MSU. “If you’re thinking about the traditional college student, you are possibly going to be looking more at the undergrad. Perhaps they have student loans.