Rezoning in South Lansing pending for almost 3 years

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A man biking through the square, where the 930 W. Holmes is at the front.

On Sept.25, Elaine Womboldt, the facilitator of  Rejuvenating South Lansing opposed rezoning 930 Holmes Rd.Regular Meeting of the City Council of The City of Lansing. Since the rezoning request has been made, the proposal has been pending for almost 3 years.

Rejuvenating South Lansing is a Neighboring group founded by Elaine Womboldt to connect neighbors to resources, and improve the quality of life in South Lansing. Rejuvenating South Lansing opposed the rezoning every time the rezoning “W.Holmes” was on the agenda at any board meetings, Development and Planning or Council meetings.


The whole scene of  930 W.Holmes Rd.



“We want this property to be vibrant, bring in people who want to shop in the area and also have a business that has more than 1 or 2 people working in it. Since this property is in a high traveled area, it’s important that it has a positive image to convey our image. Please note, we have a very large, new, self storage business that opened about 1 year ago less than 1/4 mile from this property,” Womboldt said.

According to Susan Stachowiak, the Zoning Administrator of City of Lansing, in Jan.15, 2015, “DealPoint Merrill, LLC”, a real estate development company requested to rezone the property at 930 W. Holmes Rd., excluding the property along W. Holmes Road to a depth of 120 feet inward from the front property line and the property to a depth 80 feet west of front property line along S. Washington, from “F” Commercial District to “G-2” Wholesale District.

The Location of 930 W.Holmes Rd


The property to be rezoned is located at the northwest corner of W. Holmes and S. Washington and contains a vacant that was previously used as a call center for Oldsmobile.

According to Stachowiak, the purpose of rezoning is to permit the reuse of the building for self-storage as well as office and retail space, while preserving the frontage of the site, strictly for commercial use. The applicant“DealPoint Merrill, Llc” has since amended the proposal to exclude the frontage along both S. Washington and W. Holmes Road, leaving it zoned “F” Commercial. This prevents the owner of the property from constructing more warehouse or storage facilities close to the front property lines along Washington and Holmes where they would have a particularly negative impact on the streetscape.

“The property had unpaid back taxes since 2015 and it was in foreclosure with Ingham County. Currently a total of  $139,357.62 is owed in back taxes and fees. It is still in Forfeiture with Ingham County. There have been many violations on his property over the years,” said Womboldt during the meeting.

“I am not sure why the whole process has been postponed for almost 3 years, there might be reasons for that, but that’s not what I am in charged of,” said Stachowiak.

“This is a prime location. It sits back and has MLK running North and South, Holmes running East and West and then it has Washington Avenue running North and South in the back of the property. It is surrounded by residential  and commercial,” Womboldt said.

“Why would they change that? They don’t need to. If it is turning to a wholesale district, it is not easier for government to take charge,” said Albers, a veteran who has been living on S. Washington Avenue for 37 years. “Even if no decision could be made by, the officials have the obligation to provide a better living community. ”


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