The Magic of One Shining Moment

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In a local bar in East Lansing, David Barrett was watching Larry Bird compete at the highest level, portraying the perfect illustration of how the game of basketball should be played. While Bird ran up and down the court, Barrett began to write on a napkin in his own words the true beauty of basketball.

“I had an idea, and I knew I had something special,” Barrett said.

That idea changed the landscape of college basketball forever. It was on that napkin, Barrett wrote the lyrics of “One Shining Moment.”

The tradition of the inspirational anthem continues to this day. It is played at the end of every tournament, wrapping up the magical month of March.

“I had no idea what CBS was going to do with it, and that changed my world,” Barrett said. “Because they do such a magnificent job with it.”

Not only did it change the game and Barrett’s life, but the song is a symbol for every underdog who has a chance to create their own magic on the biggest stage.

“Knowing how much the song means to these athletes is gratifying.”


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