Lansing Township maintains consistent voter turnout

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By Kelsie Patrick and Liv Larsen
Lansing Township News


Lansing Township citizen preparing to vote at Plymouth Congregational Church

Lansing Township– Township-wide voter turnout has remained consistent since the 2010 midterm election.

“It looks like we actually are running very close to what we did in 2010 as far as numbers,” Lansing Township Clerk Susan Aten said after an interview the morning after election day.

The actual number of voters who turned out was actually less that what it had been in 2010, but only by a small margin. This year showed a 43 percent turnout of voters.

“As far as numbers, we’re a little bit under,” said Aten. “It’s pretty predictable actually. It’s very very very close to what we had four years ago.”

There was an approximate 5 percent increase in absentee ballots since the last midterm election.

 According to officials at precinct 1, the First Christian Church, many Lansing Township residents lined up early to cast their votes. Approximately 10 people were in line before the polls even opened at the church precinct early Tuesday morning.

Precinct 2, which was moved from Fire Station #2 to Plymouth Congregational Church in 2008 had the highest percentage of voters with a 54 percent voter turnout.


Vee Bjohnson, Virginia Hoyt and Debby Hoyt sold baked goods and gave out free coffee for the voters


“We had a really great turnout today,” Debby Hoyt of precinct 2 at Plymouth Congregational Church said.

Since Lansing Township is so spread out there were five separate precincts for the Township’s election. Each voter was assigned a specific precinct based upon their area of residence within the Township.

Precinct 1 was located at the First Christian Church, precinct 2 at Plymouth Congregational Church and precinct 3, 4 and 6 were all located at Waverly East Intermediate School in Lansing Township.

Although current Gov. Rick Snyder defeated challenger Mark Schauer in the statewide race for Michigan governor, he did not win in Ingham County. Snyder ended the night with 35,445 votes, while Schauer ended with 50,131.

Other statewide election results include Bill Schuette as attorney general, Ruth Johnson as secretary of state and Gary Peters as U.S. senator.

One citizen in particular was very passionate about her duty as a citizen to vote.

“As a citizen of the United States, it is my civic duty to vote,” said Lansing Township voter Paige Holeton, 21-year-old nursing home employee, “It is a right that we should all be thankful to have.”

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