Hamilton Road apartment complex in the making

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By Patrick Mullen
Meridian Times staff writer

At the April 8 Planning Commission meeting, two members of the public came to the podium to support a new construction site.

The first was Ken Jones, a member of Studio Intrigue Architects of Lansing. Jones is planning on building a new apartment complex in Meridian Township right off the Red Cedar River.

“Across the river from this property is a park, kind of a large forested area,” Jones said. “We are trying to take advantage of the seclusion and the views.”

In the complex, there will be 12 two-bedroom rental apartments with commercial space on the first floor.

The two-story apartments will all have a balcony overlooking the river, with half of them also carrying a basement lookout of the river.

Pete Campbell, the applicant for the property and man partnering with spoke about was the second person to talk at the meeting. His first topic of discussion was what to do with the commercial space.

“Possibly a lawyer (to live there), a one-person law office,” Campbell said, “a professional type office location.”

The Board of Commissions were not as interested in the lifestyle and people as they were in the layout of the property.

Thomas Deits, vice-chair and commissioner member, wanted to know about the height limitation of the complex and where the current layout stands.

According to Jones, the limit for the complex by Meridian Township regulations is 35 feet.

“We are staying under,” Jones said. “But we are right at the 35 feet for the line of where things are measured at the midpoint (of the building)”.

Another issue the board raised with Mr. Jones and Mr. Campbell was the location of the parking lot. Deits said, many people walk down that area of Hamilton Road and it will be displeasing to see a parking lot covering much of the property.
According to Jones, there is “more planning and applications” that will be coming. These are just the beginning steps.

The sites are at 2099 and 2095 Hamilton Road. Okemos, Mich.

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