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Definition of racism expanded after 22-year-old’s email

Two months ago today, Merriam-Webster posted an updated and expanded definition of “racism,” a change prompted by a new college graduate. The addition was proposed by Kennedy Mitchum, 22, a 2020 Drake University major in public relations and law; politics … Continue reading

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‘Foreign virus’ is calculated, wrong and dangerous, historians say

President Donald Trump’s labeling of Covid-19 as a “foreign virus” or “Chinese virus,” is not being seen as a sign of forgetfulness, but as a deliberate ploy to connect disease with people from other places. From the Oval Office over … Continue reading

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Virus super spreader stories take racial stereotyping viral

An observation and my opinion: One of this week’s top coronavirus story is about super spreaders. While most people who spread the virus give it to just one or two people, a very few give it to dozens. Part of … Continue reading

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Americans value diversity, disagree on how to achieve it

A Pew Research Center study out this month reports that, while most Americans think the nations increasing diversity is a good thing, they do not agree on how to achieve it. Pew reports, “Most say it’s a good thing that … Continue reading

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Hear from the students behind Bias Busters

Our journalism class has just finished working on 100 Questions and Answers About U.S. Buddhists, which will be out this year. We are taking the series in the direction of faith groups, where we see a lack of understanding and … Continue reading

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Arab Americans’ Census request unlikely to come true

It looks as though the 2020 Census will go to press without the box Arab Americans have been asking for. According to NBC, the issue is that, while the Census Bureau classifies Arabs as White, many do not feel they … Continue reading

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Associated Press changes style on race, gender

Related: AP changes style to capitalize Black and Indigenous AP explains why it will not capitalize white The Associated Press stylebook sets the tone and conventions for news media across the United States and around the world. New editions typically … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Rachele Kanigel, associate professor of journalism at San Francisco State University, for the launch of a new diversity style guide for journalists. The guide is filled with contemporary definitions and is well organized, listing terms alphabetically and by … Continue reading

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