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Pew on American Jewish identity

A survey of American Jewish adults by the Pew Research Center confirms or updates some of our ideas. ideas about who they are. The results, released this month, come from 4,718 interviews. Here are five top takeaways: 27% did not … Continue reading

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Virus super spreader stories take racial stereotyping viral

An observation and my opinion: One of this week’s top coronavirus story is about super spreaders. While most people who spread the virus give it to just one or two people, a very few give it to dozens. Part of … Continue reading

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Hear from the students behind Bias Busters

Our journalism class has just finished working on 100 Questions and Answers About U.S. Buddhists, which will be out this year. We are taking the series in the direction of faith groups, where we see a lack of understanding and … Continue reading

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