Americans value diversity, disagree on how to achieve it

A Pew Research Center study out this month reports that, while most Americans think the nations increasing diversity is a good thing, they do not agree on how to achieve it.

Pew reports, “Most say it’s a good thing that the country has a diverse population, but many also say this introduces its own set of challenges. And while a majority values workplace diversity, few endorse the idea of taking race or ethnicity into consideration in hiring and promotions.

Pew Research Center

The issue also comes up with schools. Fifty-four percent told Pew they believe children should go to local schools, even if that results in most schools being less diverse. Forty-two percent said children should go to racially and ethnically mixed schools, even if that means some students go to school outside their local community.

The findings come from Pew’s Race in America 2019 report, based on a nationally representative online survey of 6,637 adults Jan. 22-Feb. 5, 2019, in English and Spanish.

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