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100 Questions and Answers Veterans: A Guide for Civilians

Memorial Day mistake

With all the best intentions, people will wish veterans a “Happy Memorial Day.” But those intentions are misdirected. Memorial Day recognizes service members who had died. Veterans Day (Nov. 11) is for the living. That is the time to celebrate … Continue reading

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Vietnam memorial honors warriors, not war

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden paid an unscheduled visit today to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. As they traced names of fallen soldiers etched into the monument, the Bidens marked National Vietnam Veterans Day. It … Continue reading

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Before there was a Veterans Day …

… it was called Armistice Day. It commemorated the day when the fighting stopped during World War I. The formal end was the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 That was to have been “the war to … Continue reading

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Can we do better by vets than free tacos?

Thank goodness for the taco makers, the barbers and the oil changers. They are ding their part to appreciate veterans. This is not a sarcastic or snide appeal that we should move tour support for veterans up to a national … Continue reading

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Young, old veterans face COVID-19 threats

Veterans’ residences have been hard hit by COVID-19 infections, and some warn about threats to mental health wrought by the pandemic’s related recession. The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute warns that layoffs can increase the danger of suicide and substance … Continue reading

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Can this veteran’s book save a life? Did it save the author?

This is Invest in Veterans Week, a good time to invest a little time in Tom Voss’ autobiographical “Where War Ends: Recovering from PTSD and Moral Injury through Meditation.” It is the story of a combat veteran’s decision to walk … Continue reading

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Veterans aid initiative to follow address, comment on head injuries

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie is to announce initiatives to help veterans at 10 a.m. Feb. 5, the morning after President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. The initiatives will be announced against the backdrop of protests from … Continue reading

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Memorial Day is not Veterans Day

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are perhaps two of the most confused holidays on the U.S. civic calendar. Memorial Day memorializes military personnel who have died in service to the country. It is a solemn holiday, but is also celebrated … Continue reading

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Hear from the students behind Bias Busters

Our journalism class has just finished working on 100 Questions and Answers About U.S. Buddhists, which will be out this year. We are taking the series in the direction of faith groups, where we see a lack of understanding and … Continue reading

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Ban on transgender military personnel being felt

We’re starting to see the first effects of the ban on transgender people in the armed forces. The Associated Press reports transgender people will no longer be allowed to attend the U.S. Naval Academy starting¬† with the 2020 school year. … Continue reading

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