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Secret War refugee wins high-profile $1.3 billion lottery

What are the odds? An immigrant in Oregon wins a $1.3 billion Powerball pot and people hear about his little known ethnicity. Cheng “Charlie” Saephan, came from Southeast Asia part of the refugee exodus that sprang from the U.S. CIA’s … Continue reading

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U.S. people agree: Discrimination against Jews and Muslims is up

The Israel-Hamas war has polarized people in the U.S. and pushed those who feel it is unsafe to state their position to the sidelines of silence. However, a Pew Research Center study on free seech and discrimination against Jews and … Continue reading

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What does MENA mean? The U.S. Census’ new category

The federal government announced big changes in the way the Census Bureau counts the country. The formal March 29 announcement said the Census is combining race and ethnicity into one section and adding a new category. The categories will be … Continue reading

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Which is preferred, Black or African American?

Either can be correct. Gallup polling since 1991 has shown that half to two-thirds of African American and Black respondents did not have a preference. Although the terms are not necessarily synonymous, it can come down to individual preferences about … Continue reading

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2024 Black History Month’s sad irony

In a disappointing three-way mixup of Civil Rights figures, Target has pulled its Black History Month book off the shelves. The book scrambled identifications for images of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois and Carter G. Woodson. Washington was an … Continue reading

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Latinx, Latino, Latina, Hispanic: What’s the difference?

New Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders caused something of a new-year kerfuffle by banishing the use of “Latinx” by state government as one of her first acts in office. So, why do we have the word and why did Sanders … Continue reading

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Lansing City Pulse reviews “The Black Church” guide

We appreciate Bill Castanier’s article in Lansing City Pulse on our most recent Bias Busters guide, “100 Questions and Answers About the Black Church: The Social and Spiritual Movement of a People.”

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Indigenous injustices’ bitter legacy

Two stories about Indigenous people came crossed each other recently. One informs the other. One story, out of Canada, told of the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves of children who died years ago at the Kamloops Indian Residential School. … Continue reading

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Remembering Tulsa race massacre

The 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre of May 31-June 1, 1921 is being revisited after a century of having been largely buried. The very few remaining survivors help make that happen because, for a little while longer, are direct … Continue reading

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The Rock stands alone

This month’s report from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the University of Southern California surprised me. In examining Asian and Pacific Islanders in 1,300 films (pdf), it found that one actor — one — held a third of all the … Continue reading

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