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Images that bred racism now used to fight it

By Dina Kaur “It’s not going to do any good for us to pretend that hatred does not exist,” said Ruth Ann Jones during a Michigan State University Libraries special collections Zoom session: Unpacking Racist Stereotypes. The April 1 session … Continue reading

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform (think Twitter or YouTube) where people post short videos they make themselves. They are often dance videos, but don’t have to be, and are often funny, but can be serious, too. Two incidents this … Continue reading

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UN finds gender bias is widespread globally

The United Nations reported this week that through much of the world, including the United States, as many as 90% of people harbor at least one bias against women. Ninety-one percent of men and 86% of women held such views, … Continue reading

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Hear from the students behind Bias Busters

Our journalism class has just finished working on 100 Questions and Answers About U.S. Buddhists, which will be out this year. We are taking the series in the direction of faith groups, where we see a lack of understanding and … Continue reading

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Graduation show of cultural pride stirred surprising reaction

Kalā Kaawa was nervous at his college graduation, but not for the usual reasons. As Carla Herreria writes on the Huffington Post, the surprise Kaawa planned for the University of Hawaii’s commencement went far beyond the pranks that some grads … Continue reading

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Skills that bosses want but schools seldom teach

Soft skills such as cultural competence got a boost in the Wall Street Journal from CIO Journal columnist Irving Wladawsky-Berger, who wrote about the skills that execs seek in people who have the hard skills of engineering and business. One … Continue reading

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International students start new year in a new country

WILX-TV did this report on how “100 Questions and Answers About Americans” is being used to help Michigan State University’s 7,000 international students get used to their host country. The Office of International Students and Scholars, which helps those students … Continue reading

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‘White is the new black’ trips over culture, context

A “White is the new Black” T-shirt is being denounced in the United States as racist. The objections come during violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the police killing of an unarmed black teenager. The shirt was made by Zara, … Continue reading

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Guide for international students now available

“100 Questions and Answers About Americans,” written by U.S. students for international students, is now available on Amazon. Guides are available in paperback and in digital formats. This cultural competence guide explains American behaviors, values, language and differences. Questions include: … Continue reading

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Indian-American Miss America endures racial backlash

Miss America Nina Davuluri said she will try to rise above racist comments about her Indian-American heritage and inaccurate comments that said she is Arab-American, Newsday reports. Davuluri had said her platform for the competition was “celebrating diversity through cultural … Continue reading

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