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100 Questions and Answers About Immigrants to the U.S.

Could you pass new citizenship test?

It just got harder to become a U.S. citizen. On Dec. 1, the testing requirement went from 12 correct answers to 20 questions from the previous six out of 10 in a 128-item questu=ion bank. There are also some tricky … Continue reading

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Cuba looms large in Biden Cabinet

Expect Cuba and Cuban Americans to be in the news when Joe Biden takes office as president and begins to try to get his cabinet nominees approved. If selected, Alejandro Mayorkas will be the first immigrant and first Latino to … Continue reading

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Dreamers’ drama upended again

This stalled handoff from the outgoing Trump administration to the incoming Biden administration has made life even more uncertain, if that is possible, for Daca recipients, called Dreamers. Daca means Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It is an Obama-era program … Continue reading

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What candidates don’t know about Hispanics and Latinos

Both major parties would do well to listen to Voto Latino CEO María Teresa Kumar. In interviews with Politico’s Tara Palmeri, Kumar has explained the complexity of this increasingly powerful “sleeping giant” voting bloc. Many of the misconceptions that Kumar … Continue reading

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Chaldeans set back by court’s no-call

A little-noted decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to not hear an appeal has dimmed Chaldean hopes about deportation. Chaldeans are Catholic Iraqis. Hundreds of Chaldeans and other Iraqis have been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement under a 2017 … Continue reading

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Online class rule targets international students, universities

With fall classes to begin in less than two months, international students and colleges in the United States had their already complicated plans upset again this week. The White House said that students may not be in the United States … Continue reading

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How many Dreamers are there?

The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday announced a 5-4 vote to block a 2017 move by President Donald Trump to end DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Instituted in 2012, the program currently protects about 650,000 people brought into the country … Continue reading

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Immigrant felt no discrimination–until now

International Women’s Day today gave WISDOM a great opportunity to explore some of its core issues. Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in Metro Detroit marked the holiday with “Coming to America: A Woman’s Perspective.” The event, at the … Continue reading

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Sanctuary cities become election year football

The rhetoric over sanctuary cities is heating up again. President Donald Trump has ordered special-forces border agents to sanctuary cities and is threatening states that protect undocumented immigrants with financial sanctions. On Feb. 14, The New York Times reported that … Continue reading

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Muslim ban expansion offers lessons

In recent years, we have been unlearning the stereotype that Muslims are Arabs. Today, we got another lesson. President Donald Trump signed a proclamation adding several more countries to his ban on immigrant visas or diversity lottery visas for people … Continue reading

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