Could you pass new citizenship test?

It just got harder to become a U.S. citizen.

On Dec. 1, the testing requirement went from 12 correct answers to 20 questions from the previous six out of 10 in a 128-item questu=ion bank.

There are also some tricky new questions. How tricky? See how you do:

How tricky? Try these, from the McClatchy Washington Bureau:

Different questions are fill in the blank

Who is the Chief Justice of the United States now?

John Roberts/ John G. Roberts, Jr.

What is the capital of your state?

The U.S. Constitution starts with the words “We the People.” What does “We the People” mean?


Popular sovereignty

Consent of the governed

People should govern themselves

(Example of) social contract

Why does each state have two senators?

Equal representation (for small states)

The Great Compromise (Connecticut Compromise)

What does the Bill of Rights protect?

(The basic) rights of Americans

(The basic) rights of people living in the United States

Why is the Electoral College important?

It decides who is elected president.

It provides a compromise between the popular election of the president and congressional selection.

Supreme Court justices serve for life. Why?

To be independent (of politics)

To limit outside (political) influence

What is the purpose of the 10th Amendment?

(It states that the) powers not given to the federal government belong to the states or to the people.

What group of people was taken and sold as slaves?


People from Africa

Name one example of American innovation.

Light bulb

Automobile (cars, internal combustion engine)



Assembly line

Landing on the moon

Integrated circuit (IC)

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