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100 Questions and Answers About American Jews

Coronavirus curbs major religious holy days

Next month, most of the world’s major religions have festivals involving large gatherings of people. Easter is on 12 April (a week later for Eastern Orthodox churches); Passover begins on 8 April; Rama Navami, an important Hindu festival, is on … Continue reading

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Jewish stereotypes stick despite positive reputations

In a survey released Jan. 29, the Anti-Defamation League reported that while some old stereotypes about Jews are hanging on, the number of Americans who are strongly anti-Semitic remain historically low. Sixty-one percent of people polled in the Survey of … Continue reading

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American Jews divided over Mideast peace plan

Reaction among U.S. Jews to President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace plan illustrates that the Jewish community is not monolithic, according to the Jerusalem Post. The Post wrote that politically conservative Jewish groups praised the proposal, while more liberal groups criticized … Continue reading

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Reuniting Jews, Christians and Muslims

From David Crumm on Read the Spirit: “More than 100 Girl Scouts from across Michigan gathered at the internationally renowned Detroit Institute of Arts for a one-day challenge to explore the many religious themes in the DIA’s collection. This elaborately … Continue reading

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Questioning American Jews’ loyalty raises dangerous old trope

Twice this week, President Donald Trump said American Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal to Jewish people and to Israel. Jewish people protested. The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, was one of many to object to what … Continue reading

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Split among U.S. Jews, Democrats is widening

The oversimplified vision of any religious, cultural or racial group as a bloc that votes together is being challenged by changes within the U.S. Jewish community. Journalist and scholar Peter Beinart said this month at the Boston University Elie Wiesel … Continue reading

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Jewish voters to be courted by Trump campaign

Politico reports that supporters of a second term for President Trump see typically Democratic-leaning Jewish voters helping him retain the White House. The website reports, “the Republican Jewish Coalition, … (was) briefed on plans for a $10 million-plus blitz geared … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Rachele Kanigel, associate professor of journalism at San Francisco State University, for the launch of a new diversity style guide for journalists. The guide is filled with contemporary definitions and is well organized, listing terms alphabetically and by … Continue reading

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Thanks to Rabbi Jason Miller

We are so pleased with Rabbi Jason Miller’s Passover review of “100 Questions and Answers About American Jews” that appeared on The Huffington Post. In three words: He gets us. Part of what he wrote: “For many years — even … Continue reading

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Guide to American Jews includes guide to Jewish holidays

The Bias Busters series grows to 10 guides with “100 Questions and Answers About American Jews.” this guide is the second in our stream of guides about religions, joining “100 Questions and Answers About Muslim Americans.” The guide about American … Continue reading

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