Reuniting Jews, Christians and Muslims

Reuniting the Children of Abraham book cover
From David Crumm on Read the Spirit: “More than 100 Girl Scouts from across Michigan gathered at the internationally renowned Detroit Institute of Arts for a one-day challenge to explore the many religious themes in the DIA’s collection. This elaborately planned day of cross-cultural discovery was part of the 2020 redesign and relaunch of Brenda Rosenberg’s innovative Children of Abraham peacemaking project.”

The book, “Reuniting the Children of Abraham: The Sacred Story that Calls Jews, Christians and Muslims to Peace,” is being released this week on Amazon. It shares with readers the interfaith experience that Rosenberg has been bringing to small groups for years. 

Rosenberg has been an ally to the Bias Busters series, advising us on our guides about American Jews and police officers, with whom she has done extensive work.

We wish her much success with the book and suggest you order an advance copy from Amazon.

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