American Jews divided over Mideast peace plan

Book cover for 100 Questions and Answers About American JewsReaction among U.S. Jews to President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace plan illustrates that the Jewish community is not monolithic, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The Post wrote that politically conservative Jewish groups praised the proposal, while more liberal groups criticized it.

The Post noted that the Republican Jewish Coalition, the American Jewish Committee, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and StandWithUs supported the plan. Comments ranged from “a bold and nuanced proposal” to “a step towards a better future for both peoples.”

The Jewish Democratic Council of America, J Street, Peace Now, the New Israel Fund, IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace were opposed. Here, comments included “shameful” and “an apartheid plan.”

Yet, people on both sides are dedicated to Israel and its future. The poles-apart views of people who share core values should dispel the stereotype that American Jews are all of one mind.

It is worth noting that the Post seemed to pay more attention to the debate within the American Jewish community than the U.S. media did. The story was out there for anyone to write.

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