Bullying information for kids

Students need facts on bullying, too

Kids need bullying information just as much as parents and teachers do. After all, providing bullying facts for students puts the numbers out there so they can help where the bullying happens.

K-12 anti-bullying campaigns are becoming more popular and bullying information for kids can fuel them. Kids who have the bullying facts can share that information with other kids to supplement the stories and experiences they all know personally.

Whether kids have been bullied themselves or witnessed bullying, they are getting active trying to stop bulling. A few bully statistics for kids can help them succeed.

School anti-bullying activities are more effective if they rely on facts. Kids also need the information about bullying to help keep their schools safe.

This site includes information for kids about bullying, hazing, cyberbullying, and how to stop bullying.

Helpful links:

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* Bullyfree.com has seven things kids should know about bullying.

* Helping kids deal with bullies from the Nemours Foundation

* The federal StopBullying.com site has bullying information for kids at different ages.

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