Workers bullied on basis of looks

For the first time, a research links looks with office bullying. The results are not pretty.

A study of 114 workers at a health-care facility in the Southeast showed that those considered by others to be unattractive were bullied or belittled more often then others.

The unattractive workers were treated much more harshly than attractive employees, even when other factors such as age, gender and tenure were taken into account.

The lead investigator on the study was Brent Scott, Michigan State University associate professor of management. The study’s co-author was co-author was Timothy Judge of Notre Dame.

You can read more on MSU Today.

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  1. I am a victim of domestic violence and my son a victim of child abuse by his grandma on ex husband’s side and ex husband. Since they are fully aware of this a my job, the girl that didn’t like me at a previous job and her friend decided to bully me then told everyone it was the other way around when I spoke up. They had repeated harassing statements that my husband made about mental issues and passed this around to everyone as fact because she is an employee health nurse. I put up with this bullying and in NV, if your bullied the work psychology is to make it the victims fault to get out of a lawsuit if it occurs. They even went so far as to keep in contact with my ex as the 2 used to work together. Also, the ex will have his friends make harassing statements to my son and make up statements I supposedly made to make him look better to my son. The girl that doesn’t like me at my job and my ex even went so far as to send a friend of theirs to essentually make me look flaky and pompous, then laugh if I was nice to him, saying I was overconfident in myself. When my son is facing bullying by kids at school, this makes it hard to have him handle things well as my ex-husbands advice is just to spread gossip about me and make me a bigger victim by trying to get him to bully me too. He comes from the most dysfunctional family I have ever encountered and fear my son will grow up to learn to bully the women in his life instead of handling the bullying in a constructive manner and therefore victimizing a new group of women and children like his father. I’m so worried that my son will never learn how to be a normal person and instead just learn to be another bully-victim like his father.

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