Bullying definition has changed, takes several forms

A clear bullying definition is the cornerstone for any anti-bullying effort.

Definitions of bullying abound, and that is part of the problem. There are several legal bullying definitions, school bullying definitions and definitions of bullying in any dictionary.

As bullying has changed, the definition of bullying has changed, too. Some bullying definitions have grown very long to cover every possibility, but they have become less effective as they seem to cover everything.

Coming up with a good definition of bullying is complicated because bullying can be non-physical and non-verbal. Cyberbullying complicates defining bullying. So do hazing and harassment.

We offer several definitions of bullying and they have some common elements. Rather than just adopting one of the bullying definitions for your needs, spend some time considering the different options and talking about your own situation.

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* Widely accepted definitions of bullying come from the pioneering work of Dan Olweus.

* Virginia’s Safe Schools Project has a sound bullying definition and research.

* The White House summit on bullying genearted several helpful resources.

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