Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints moves away from ‘Mormons’

By CyberCop, CC BY 3.0,

The other day, I referred to Mormons as fascinating subjects for an upcoming Bias Busters guide for 2020. They will play a political role in the election, Mitt Romney will no doubt have something to say and they are subject to stereotypes.

A friend who is a member of the church politely told me I can start by updating my language.

Ouch! I had missed the August request by church leaders for us to stop using “Mormon,” except in historical references such as “The Book of Mormon,” and to stop shorthanding the name as “LDS Church.”

It is all spelled out in an updated style guide. Some church members recognize it will take time and work to get everyone onto the new page. The style guide is on the church’s

When we create Bias Busters guides, we generally follow such requests because we believe people’s rights to identify themselves the way they like.

Stay tuned.


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