Bullying Statistics

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  1. emily wardill says:

    I’m as Peer Mentor at Headlands School and I am completely against bullying.
    I have used these statistics in my Powerpoint against bullying to show in Assemblies as it’s Anti Bullying week on the 19th-24th October.

    As a Peer Mentor myself, I have had a lot of home problems and school issues too,I am in year 10 and I have spent most of my time down at Peer Mentoring and have got a lot out of been here and I still persue to carry on.
    I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be able to talk aboutmy problems and to have lots of people there to suport me.

    Headlands School is one of the ones that do have Peer Mentoring but there are lots of schools that don’t have Peer Mentoring and we are trying to get it into most schools as it really helps students with any problems, somewhere to feel safe and somewhere where they know they can be themselves and not feel like they are going to be judged.

  2. Andree Hidalgo says:


    I’m an 18+ year Master’s degreed veteran teacher of middle school and high school students and coach middle school cheerleaders. I have a beautiful 7th grade daughter who has had her struggles with “mean girl” stuff at times, yet we often discuss her actions and how they may have contributed in some way.

    She’s actually doing a Social Studies Fair project on the possibility of the word “bullying” overused, because of it the VERY huge disparity and widening gap of what is to be considered “bullying” behavior. I’d love to hear what others think. There are so many ways to look at it. And having grown up in the 80’s, when bullying was definitely a concern, but probably underreported, I often wonder if things are sometimes taken too far and reported as “bullying”, when it just may be poor problem-solving and/or ability to cope with a tough situation that may not really fall into a category of bullying—but how can we define those categories? Though, I never want to take away from the true concern of actual bullying, as we know it is a REAL concern for many.
    What do you think???

    Thank you for your time!

  3. Alex Math says:

    Bullying is social problem and should be handled with all attention required.

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