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Gen Z women leading exodus from churches

We keep learning more about the declining number of people in pews. This month’s news, which can’t be good for churches, is that younger women now seem to be leading the exodus. The Survey Center of American Life reports that, … Continue reading

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Gen Z, Millennial voters powered Boomer

The youngest voters appear to have boosted the oldest presidential candidate in U.S. history into the White House. Biden will turn 78 on Nov. 20 and would become the oldest president. Next closest? Ronald Reagan, who left office at age … Continue reading

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Millennial news will dominate our feeds

Are you ready for lots and lots of news about Millennials? It has already started and is bound to continue as this bigger-than-Gen-X cohort continues assuming a dominant role in society. In just the past 24 hours, we have seen: … Continue reading

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Hear from Gen Z, our most diverse generation yet

Check out Gen Z: In Their Own Words, a New York Times interactive. The photos and quotes illustrate the wide range of perspectives in this generation, the most diverse to date. They follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, Millennials … Continue reading

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