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U.S. issues cultural, linguistic health-care standards

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has issued new standards for cultural and linguistic competence in health care services. The standards are intended to improve health care and close inequities in the quality of care people receive.

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Indian American cultural competence guide available

This new guide, which clears up some basic questions about Indian Americans, is now available from Amazon. We will be making the book available on pretty much any platform you like. Order your copy today, read it and then keep … Continue reading

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Oregon Senate takes up bill for cultural competence in health care

The bill passed the Oregon House of Representatives, 46-12, on April. 10. The Albany Tribune has the story. According to the Tribune, “Ineffective patient communication leads to misdiagnosis and improper treatments that drive health inequities.” These, in turn, drive up … Continue reading

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100 Questions and Answers About Indian Americans going into production

The 100-question-and-answer guide about Indians in America is moving into production. This is the first guide in a cultural competence series being published by the Michigan State University School of Journalism. We plan cultural competence guides about Arab Americans, Native … Continue reading

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Cross-cultural communication and business

Advice from Gayle Cotton’s new book, “Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere: 5 Keys To Successful Cross-Cultural Communication” is paraphrased by Entrepreneur’s Gwen Moran.

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Man who beat Sikh driver charged with hate crime

In another case where a Sikh was attacked because someone thought he was Iranian or Iraqi, the suspect is being charged in Seattle with a hate crime. The Los Angeles Times reports that in October the 49-year-old beat, punched, stomped … Continue reading

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Oregon may require cultural competency in medical training

Cultural competency training is closer to becoming a standard of medical training in Oregon. A bill requiring that i schedule to reach the Oregon House the week of April 8. The story is in The Lund Report.

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Bank set up to do business with Indians accused of bashing

The Detroit Free Press reports on a lawsuit accusing executives at Lotus Bank, in Novi, Mich., of bashing Indians and calling them names. The bank was incorporated to do business with the Detroit area’s Indian population. That is the largest … Continue reading

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Cultural competence and teacher evaluatons

Lack of cultural competence is accused in the controversial issue of teacher evaluations in Memphis. The New York Times reports.

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U.S. skilled-worker visa applications are going fast

The Wall Street Journal reports that the nation will exhaust this year’s allotment of applications for skilled-worker visas on Friday. The application season opened on Monday. Sixty-five thousand of the H-1B visas were made available for foreign workers with at … Continue reading

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