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Coming soon: 100 Questions and Answers About Sikh Americans

Although Sikhs have been in the United States for well more than 100 years, they are still largely unknown and misunderstood. This is just the kind of group the Bias Busters classes at Michigan State University like to work with. … Continue reading

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This Giving Tuesday, be a Bias Busters ally

Be a Bias Busters ally on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30. The same kind of effort that sent Michigan State student authors to the Chaldean Cultural Center wants to send students to Amish Country in 2022. Please join us as a … Continue reading

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Anti-Asian violence fueled by model minority myth

The model minority myth plays a role in today’s violence against Asians. Its damages have several dimensions. The myth is that Asians are universally successful. You can learn about where the myth came from and why it is not true … Continue reading

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Register for this MSU class; publish a book; bust biases about religion

To my hoped-for students: Michigan State students have a unique opportunity to become authors in a series of books that fight discrimination. So far, our Bias Busters series has published about 20 titles and sold about 15,000 copies. Become one … Continue reading

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‘OK, Boomer’ not the same as the n-word, prof finds

A University of Oklahoma journalism professor, working without notes, no doubt, told students that they have to keep up with the times and with social media. To illustrate his point, he compared “OK, Boomer,” a putdown for older people, to … Continue reading

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Free PBS streaming of Black Panthers film ends March 1

If you haven’t seen the PBS documentary on the Black Panthers and wanted to, make your move now. It is streaming live until the end of February. According to0 PBS, it is “first feature-length documentary to shed light on the … Continue reading

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Video: ‘Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?’ blows up school meeting

A school meeting in Saline, Michigan, on diversity and inclusion blew up Feb. 3 when a man challenged a father, “Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” The conversation had meeting had been called, according to MLive, to heal the community … Continue reading

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Trump to end Chaldean deportations, newspaper reports

The Washington Times reports today that a conversation on Air Force One persuaded President Donald Trump to stop the deportations of Chaldeans to Iraq. The Trump administration in 2017 ordered deportations of Iraqis who had been convicted of felonies and … Continue reading

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Cultural competence series of Bias Busters guides is growing

All Bias Busters guides are available in print or digital formats by clicking on the covers. We also customize guides for organizations and offer volume discounts. We plan to publish guides about American evangelicals and The Church of Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Christchurch reminder: Most Muslims are not Arab at all

Many are justifiably reaching out  to Muslims in the wake of the heinous mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, some people in the United States seem to regard Muslims and Arabs as the same, while it appears that Pakistanis … Continue reading

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