118th Congress does not resemble U.S. religiously


The Pew Research Center finds that the 2023-2024 Congress is not following population trends to be a less Christian and less religiously affiliated nation.

The 2023-2024 Congress is not reflecting changes in a country that is growing less Christian and less likely to affiliate with organized religions. The Pew Research Center’s Faith on the Hill report shows that while the proportion of Christians has fallen from 78% to 63% since Pew started tracking this in 2007, Congress is 88% Christian.

The number of unaffiliated Christians in Congress is one, compared to 29% of the population.

Pew reported that 99% of congressional Republicans and 76% of Democrats say they are Christians. Democrats are less likely to identify as Protestants and more likely to say they re Catholic.

Bias Buster coming soon: “100 Questions and Answers About the Religiously Unaffiliated.” Watch for it on Amazon.

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