Bias Busters enjoys good allies

The Michigan State University School of Journalism is proud to have its Bias Busters series recognized by Read the Spirit, the online magazine arm of Front Edge Publishing, our publisher.

100 Questions and Answers About Latter-day SaintsThat team has supported Bias Busters since we started this series almost 20 guides ago. Our latest guide, “100 Questions and Answers About Latter-Day Saints,” came out in October.

The partnership is genuine as we share ideals. Front Edge tries to build healthier communities, and Bias Busters encourages conversations among acquaintances to increase cultural competence. We publish guides that are respectful, accurate, authoritative and accessible.

MSU is making plans for 2021, hoping we can produce several new titles in the year. Now, in late 2020, a guide on nonreligious Americans is being critiqued by some of our allies.

We are also working on a backlog we allowed to create two new projects in 2020. One was the Education Writers Association’s Reporter Guide for Inclusive Coverage. The other was a collaboration with the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit’s Religious Diversity Journeys program for middle school students.

Guides about Buddhism, evangelicals and Hindus need finishing work. In January, 20 students will begin work on a new guide about Sikhism. It’s a long list that will take some work and will take us well beyond 20 guides.

“100 Questions and Answers About Latter-Day Saints” is available from Amazon or the Front Edge Publishing bookstore.

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