Muslims on how to say some words used in Islam

We recorded this audio for “100 Questions and Answers About Muslim Americans” to shows how some Muslims pronounce “Islam,” “Muslim,” “Allah” and “Ramadan mubarak,” which means, “Blessed Ramadan.”

The words are pronounced by a Pakistani-American woman in her 20s, a Lebanese-American in his late 50s and a girl and boy in middle school.

Variations can come from accents, where they grew up and whether they are using American or Arab types of pronunciation.

2 thoughts on “Muslims on how to say some words used in Islam”

    1. You are absolutely correct. Everyone has a different way of speaking, but there are similarities and it is possible to say the words in a fashion that is more correct than how some American non-Muslims say the word. That’s what we are going for. There are more differences than the ones you mention in this worldwide religion. I see you are in the UK. This guide is about Muslims in the United States, and for the recording we used Arab and one Pakistani Muslim, all English speaking. But there are certainly others and, even within nationalities there are differences. But these will get us all pretty close for how the word is said by English speaking Muslims in the U.S.

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