Guide for international students now available

100 Questions and Answers About Americans,” written by U.S. students for international students, is now available on Amazon.

100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans
100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans

Guides are available in paperback and in digital formats.

This cultural competence guide explains American behaviors, values, language and differences.

Questions include:

* Americans speak English with many different accents. How does that occur?

* Why are there so many guns in the United States?

* When should I tip and how much should I leave?

* What is included in an American date?

Includes a glossary of American slang.

Chinese enrollment in U.S. colleges attributed to economics, academics

The State News at Michigan State News provides statistics on international enrollment on campus. The charts show the top 10 countries of orign and show how, in recent years, students from China have increased to eclipse enrollment from all other countries.

The top three countries this school year, according to the MSU Office of International Students and Scholars, are China with 4,283, Korea with 563 and India with 276.