MSU helps to raise second highest amount of money for Lansing non-profit


Michigan State University organization raise just over $2,600 for Lansing Non-profit to help the education of local Lansing students

Crown Boxing Club in the Lansing is also home to the H.A.W.K (Help A Willing Kid) foundation that “helps kids of all ages with school, a place to sleep at night, food to eat and anything else they may need,” said 20-year-old Michigan State University student Betsy Weir of Phi Sigma Pi that raised money for the non-profit. HAWK is the philanthropy of the co-ed fraternity that raised $2,602 in less then a week through two events. “We held a dinner at a local restaurant and also held TTAT,” Weir said. TTAT is an annual event the organization holds where “two people are always teeter tottering, and it goes for a full 24 hours on MSU’s campus,” Weir said. “The money from this event specifically is put towards the education of the kids.”

The organization presented a check of the full amount $2,602 to Ali Easley, the foundation’s president, on Sunday Oct.