Crown Boxing Club adjusts to support kids during the pandemic

For over fifty years, Crown Boxing Club has been helping underprivileged youth stay off the streets. Through Ali Easley’s “H.A.W.K.” program, the gym teaches young boxers the art of the one-two combo, gives them access to tutors and even a dinner program. But for the first time in its history, the gym is now closed. With COVID-19 continuing to spread across Lansing, Easley now has to explore new ways to teach the art of boxing.

Detroit program builds youth skill, leadership

Capital News Service
LANSING – In the middle of a city whose glory days belong to past generations, YouthVille Detroit promotes hope and pride in the future. YouthVille’s founder, Gerald K. Smith, believed young people needed a safe place, responsible, caring adults engaged in their lives and involvement in their own development, the nonprofit organization says. Rita Clark, the director of programs, was there at its inception in 2005. Clark said YouthVille is a youth development center that services people ages 11-19 and gives them high-performance learning opportunities. YouthVille teaches a wide range of skills from pottery and music production to leadership and service learning.