Crime freeze: Delhi Township sees less crime in wintertime

By Courtney Kendler
Holt Journal staff reporter

With winter right around the corner, crime may be one less thing Delhi Township residents need to worry about. With the expectations of another bitterly-cold winter, crime rates may drop, along with temperatures. According to an April 2015 monthly report for Delhi Township, the number of calls for service from January to April of 2013 was 1,384. That number decreased to 708 calls between January and April of 2014. The number of citations issued in Delhi Township also decreased during the same period, from 993 in 2013, to 783 in 2014.

Snowfall impacts community services in Old Town

By Sumaira Hai 
Old Town Reporter
Old Town Lansing Times 
LANSING – Recent winter snowstorms have had an economic and social effect on the Old Town community. The “polar vortex” of 2014, which brought over an estimated ten inches of snow to various parts of Michigan, took a toll on community services such as the Greater Lansing Food Bank  and the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition>
Joe Wald, executive director of the Greater Lansing Food Bank, said food supplies are down at all seven of the food banks in the area, including the one in Old Town, “The food bank has become the safety net to get nutritious food to those in need across our community,” he said. “Need increased,” Wald said. “In fact, we distributed 10% more food in 2014 than in 2013.”
Snow has caused numerous problems. GLFB had to close its operation during the snowstorm in early February. “We cannot pick up and delivery food if our trucks cannot run…our employees cannot make it to the warehouse…so we try to coordinate with our pantry network,” Wald said.

Holt Public Schools lose school days in battle against winter weather

Miranda Chavez
Holt Journal Staff Writer

This year, Holt Public Schools have exceed the allotted number of six snow days for the 2013-2014 school year, which has begun causing a unique set of problems for parents, students and administrators. With the inclement weather plaguing Michigan this winter, children have not only been unable to enjoy their time off, but will be responsible for making them up. Recently, the Michigan Department of Education has taken the stance that schools should make up snow days by adding additional full days instead of by adding extra time on to current school days. Melissa Usiak, principal at Sycamore Elementary, said the school district would make the ultimate decision on how to make up the lost time. Usiak said she favors adding extra full days.

Old Town businesses deal with harsh winter weather

By Juliana Moxley

Old Town Lansing Times staff writer


OLD TOWN LANSING – This year’s winter weather brought torrential snowfalls, ice storms and freezing cold, and it’s taking a toll on everyone – including Old Town businesses. Winter storms move in

The Midwest has their fair share of snowy moments during the winter, but this year the winter weather was taken to the next level, being described as the “polar vortex.” Inclement weather resulted in hundreds of school closures, as well as people staying off the roads, if at all possible, in order to stay safe. In a small nonprofit organization such as Old Town, the creative businesses that make up the district felt some impact on their business revenues due to weather conditions this year. Old Town Commercial Association Executive Director Louise Gradwohl said although she doesn’t know the actual numbers from businesses in terms of how they were effected by this winter’s weather, she does know the ice storms made an impact on Christmas sales. With Old Town being a Main Street Community where it’s common for people to walk from store to store given how small the district is, Gradwohl said the amount of snowfall has hindered the interest in shopping outdoors.