Clinton County keeping an eye on at-risk groups to maintain countywide health

By Brittany Flowers
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

Infants, children and seniors are more susceptible than most people to illness and injury. And the large population of toddlers, tykes and the elderly in Clinton County means a proactive approach is key to maintaining community wide health. Helping keep an eye on county health is the role of the the Mid-Michigan District Health Department, which provides preventative health services for Clinton County individuals, families, and the workplace community, according to the county’s website. The general responsibility of the department is to provide direct health care for particularly high-risk or vulnerable population groups, of which Clinton County has its share. “Even though they are a healthy county they do have at-risk populations who aren’t healthy or who may be at risk,” Mid-Michigan District Health Department Public Officer Leslie Kinnee said.

Clinton County ranks third in the state for overall health

By Liam Tiernan
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps has ranked Clinton County third in the state for overall health. The ranking was based on health factors including length of life, quality of life, and health behaviors such as excessive drinking, exercise opportunities, and smoking. Clinton County’s residents have an outstanding record compared to the state average. Clinton County enjoys 33 percent fewer premature deaths than the state average as well as 4 percent fewer smokers (16 percent to a state average 20), 1 percent fewer excessive drinkers (17 percent to a state average 18), 37 percent fewer sexually transmitted infections (178 cases a year to a state average 481), and an incredible 13 percent fewer children living in poverty (11 percent to a state average 24), according to County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. Personal trainer Mark Denda works out of Lansing.

Health fair promotes prevention, provides vaccinations

By Josh Sidorowicz
Holt Journal staff writer

On Friday, the first Holt Health Fair and Flu and Pneumonia Shot clinic was held at the Holt Senior Care and Rehab Center, 5091 Willoughby Road. The fair was held to promote preventative health care and provide information about various health, wellness and senior care services in the community, said Mary Brier, advertising and marketing director of Holt Senior Care and Rehab Center. “This is the first year we’re doing this here so we aren’t sure what to expect, but we felt this would be something really useful for members of the community,” Brier said. The fair, which had vendors almost exclusively from Holt, was designed to showcase local health services to residents. “We really targeted Holt and most of the vendors are from here, so we really tried to keep it Holt-community based,” Brier said.